#3 WALTER BOBBIE, Director


Tony Award winning director of Chicago, Broadway’s longest running revival, invites Rob & Kevin into his apartment to discuss his journey from Scranton to Broadway, and to discuss what it was like working with Jerry Zaks, Ellis Raab, and The Smother Brothers! Also, Walter exorcises Patti LuPone from a laundromat, gives Arthur Miller line notes, and sings from Grease! Plus: How he keeps Chicago fresh, how he conquered the ghosts of Stubby Kaye, and how he became the Mooning Champion of Rydell High!

3 thoughts on “#3 WALTER BOBBIE, Director

  1. Can you get a message to my fellow University of Scranton graduate?
    Walter, please check the Wall Street Journal on me, Robert H. Rempe and my quest for a revival of ROSE OF THE DANUBE the 1934 operetta by Arthur A. Penn and Geoffrey F. Morgan. The script for the operetta is on line from the Sibley Library, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester. Just do a google searc for “Rose of the Danube University of Rochester ” and read the delightful musical. I am sure you could bring this “out of print” work (still owned by CARL FISCHER,INC.,NYC) into a delightful revival that only you could revitalize. Email me at:


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